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Pastoral Staff

  • Senior Pastor: Larry Rouse

  • Christian Counseling & Women's Ministry: Sharon Rouse M.A., L.P.C.

  • Director of Youth Ministries: Stefanie Edwards Assistant: Lisa Proffer

  • Outreach Minister: Donald Edwards




  • Financial Administrator: Tim Schleinger

  • Church Clerk: Stefanie Edwards

  • Ushers / Security: Jim Smith, Sam Pequeno, Freddy Edwards, Tim Schleinger, Brian Brown,

                                      Brandon Holdiness, Kyle Edwards, Keith Brown, & Donald Edwards

  • Trustees: 3yr Freddy Edwards, 2yr James Penny, 1yr Brandon Holdiness

  • Communications / Media Specialist: Stefanie Edwards Media Assistants: Brandon H & Chandler E



Family & Outreach Ministries:

  • Morning Stir Breakfast Staff: Tim Schleinger / Assistant: Margie Pequeno

  • Director of C.O.G. (Community Outreach Group): Donald Edwards Assistants: Sharon R & Stefanie E

  • Benevolent Administrator: Myra McCormick



Sunday Morning Youth Ministries:  

  • Nursery Attendants: Marty B, Theresa H, Felicia P, Margie P, Lisa P, Haley O, Sam S

  • Children's Worship: Brittany B & Josh B, Myra M & Korbyn H, Donald E. & Keith B

  • SCF Drama Team & Puppet Ministry Leaders: Stefanie Edwards, Donnie Edwards



Music Ministry:

  • Director of Music & Worship: Stefanie Edwards / Assistant: Sharon Rouse

  • Praise Team: Sharon Rouse, Stefanie Edwards, Marty Brown, Brian Brown, Brittany Brown

  • Sound System & Computer Media: Stefanie Edwards, Josh Brown, Donald Edwards, Chandler Edwards

  • Youth Music Director: Stefanie Edwards  



Properties Support Staff:

  • Building & Grounds Maintenance Personnel (Trustees): James Penny, Brandon Holdiness, Jim Smith,

                                                                                                Kyle Edwards, Chandler Edwards, Freddy E

  • Facilities Managers: Kenny Glasser

  • Housekeeping Staff: Lisa Proffer & Felicia Proffer